Alpha Drones USA is a New Jersey corporation based out of Morristown Municipal Airport.

The company is emerging as a domestic and international influencer in the drone industry. Providing the most diverse menu of drone services, Alpha Drones USA is emerging as a trusted drone services provider of choice.

Alpha Drones USA’s diverse fleet of precision industrial unmanned aerial systems allows the company to provide services in Agriculture, Mapping, Real Estate, Sanitization, Surveillance, Softwashing, and Disinfecting services for venues large enough for mass gatherings.

In conjunction with Alpha Aviation, Inc., aircraft rental services, pilot training, drone pilot certification and professional development is provided to the next generation of airline pilots.

Under our exclusivity agreement, starting with a fleet of 30 Drones (15 Cleaning Drones and 15 Disinfecting Drones), with the intent to scale up as demand dictates, will make us the world’s largest operating fleet of industrial precision spray drones!

Kelvin’s thoughts on this: Make Alpha Drones one of your valued assets to not only handle the tasks assigned in a cost-saving, professional and safe manner but also to help raise the profile of your company by being a talking point for marketing, branding, and providing exciting news for your clients, customers, and management.

Kelvin’s thoughts on strategy:

Alpha Drones is positioned to be the leader in drone training and services in North America. We want to empower people and organizations and provide them the tools to enhance their company. This allows for greater flexibility, productivity, and overall savings in their bottom line.

Our Expansion


Alpha Drones has multiple opportunities in Panama and Costa Rica, and a team that is prepared to expand Alpha into Panama in the first quarter of 2022.


Mexico City is the largest city in the Western Hemisphere. So long as we are able to profitably dispatch our growing fleet of drones as “equipment improvements” for existing companies, we will be successful.


Simply said, we are pioneering a new way. We are able to come into these new markets as prime or subcontractors with well trained drone operators.



We have all of the certifications, equipment, personnel, training, and professionalism
necessary to do the job correctly. 


We remove the hassle, headache, and liability.


Our drone services can offer substantial cost savings, efficiency and
precision and revolutionize existing industries with the latest in AI technology.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

DJI Agras T16/T20

This agricultural drone has spraying and seeding capabilities, allowing the distribution of different types fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, as well as grass seed and fish feed. This drone can spray up to 25-30 acres per hour!

DJI Agras T20

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

With SmartTrack technology, this drone can identify and follow moving objects and people. With the addition of thermal camera, loudspeaker, and spotlight, this drone is the ultimate tool for surveillance and security.

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

LDT C1 Cleaning Drone

The C1 Cleaning Drone uses softwashing technology to clean buildings and windows without the damage of a pressure wash system. Save hours of setup with no scaffolding or ladders needed. Piloted from the ground with an attached hose, this allows for safer practices.

Lucid C1 Cleaning Drone

LDT D1 Disinfecting Drone

In repsonse to the COVID pandemic, the D1 Disinfecting Drone is used as a safe way to disinfect large areas. With up to 1 cm accuracy, this drone can sanitize stadiums, arenas, and other public areas 14x faster than backpack sprayers.

Lucid D1 Disinfecting Drone

FAA Regulations concerning Drones

FAA.gov  offers a thorough breakdown of federal laws concerning drones, drone operators, privileges and limitations affecting drones and drone operators.  To make a long, detailed explanation short, here is the bottom line concerning Commercial Drone Operations:

  • FAA Drone Operator Licensing. A Commercial Drone Operation must have 14 CFR Part 107 licensed Drone Operators. All UAS Crewmembers at Alpha are Part 107 Certificated.
  • The 55-pound Drone Weight Restriction. All Drones are limited to 55 pounds at takeoff as per federal law. To operate drones greater than 55 pounds at takeoff, the Commercial Drone Operation must seek and receive specific exemptions relieving the company of such a restricting law. Alpha has successfully completed this rigorous process and has earned Exemption 44807 specifically for our Agras T16 Drone fleet. The Agras T16 is approved to takeoff at 92.7 pounds exclusively at Alpha Drones USA. Our C1 Cleaning Drone is tethered to a spray hose. As per the FAA, the Drone is restricted to lift 55 pounds of water hose. While the drone is capable of carrying water hose weight greater than 55 pounds, we calculate that the weight of the hose at 55 pounds is approximately 110 feet above ground level. Alpha is working with the FAA on relief from this restriction. Alpha continues to work with drone engineers and FAA safety regulators to offer drones that are capable and legally cleared to clean skyscrapers.
  • Spraying chemicals from Drones. To dispense chemicals or any product from a drone, certification concerning 14 CFR Part 137 is required. Alpha’s Agriculture and “heavy drone fleet disinfecting programs” will benefit greatly from the Part 137 Certification. Alpha will launch Part 137 operations effective September 2021.

About Alpha’s Drone Fleet:

Alpha has a hybrid of owned and leased drones. Leased drones were strategically decided because of the state of the drone industry. The drone industry is just getting started at massive technological advances. At Alpha, we anticipate a newer, more capable technology evolving within a six to twelve month period. Therefore, Alpha has negotiated with drone engineers to stay ahead of cutting edge technology by automatically upgrading existing leased models for improved and newer technologies. While we enjoy owning specific drone models, once you buy a drone, it may be impossible to “trade in”. We therefore, do not want to lose our position as an industry leader in offering the latest and greatest technology.

Alpha’s Strategy Concerning Cleaning Skyscrapers

Alpha Drones USA is set to become the first drone operation to clean a skyscraper in the United States, and possibly the first globally.  Alpha continues to work with drone engineers at establishing improvements and capabilities of drones. The technology currently available allows Alpha to clean a skyscraper with drones, but, FAA regulations limit how high the drones can go to perform such a revolutionary service. While Alpha continues to aggressively work with FAA safety regulators and drone engineers at “pioneering a new way”, Alpha recommends establishing a hybrid of “drone exterior building cleaning” with conventional window washing and exterior building cleaning.

Where the drones aren’t “legal” to clean a building per FAA, we recommend the old school, conventional way. But rest assured, our drone fleet will be cleared by the FAA to clean 100% of skyscrapers, and when that “100% clearance is issued”, the world will change quickly.

Alpha is already pioneering the way.



Kelvin King
Founder & CEO

Kelvin King is a New York City-based Airbus A320 Pilot at United Airlines, as well as the Founder and CEO of Alpha Aviation, Inc. and Alpha Drones USA, Inc.

Kelvin also has his FAA certification in Flight Instruction, Aircraft Maintenance and UAS Drone Operations. With more than ten years mentoring and flight school aviation managerial experience, it is Kelvin’s passion to help the next generation of pilots.

He is the Founder of the Sandra Blake Memorial Scholarship Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarships to students demonstrating financial need. He is a licensed minister of the Gospel Ministry.


Irving Donaldson
Director of Drone Operations

Irving Donaldson is the Director of Drone Operations for Alpha Drones USA, overseeing daily operations company-wide. Irving is a retired dual tracked Civil and Federal Service member of New York, and a bronze star recipient from the war in Iraq. Irving also Held various assignments as Police Officer, Detective, Sergeant, and Lieutenant with the New York City Police Department. Irving has always had a passion for technology and learning. A true entrepreneur, Irving has his own embroidery and printing business as well.


Carlos Velasquez
Director of Training

As our Director of Training, Carlos Velasquez oversees all of our UAS training activities, and qualifies all of our staff to be ready for service. Carlos has been with Alpha since the beginning, as a Certified Flight Instructor for our Professional Development Program, and a sUAS pilot and instructor. A man with many hats, Carlos also works as a Law Enforcement Pilot, a Commercial Pilot for both Airplane and Helicopter, and an FAA Aircraft Mechanic with Inspection Authorization. He has over 20 years of military experience, and 16 years of law enforcement experience.

We have a deep pool of highly qualified FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilots ready to help us scale our business globally.

Contact me for more information!

Yvette Long
Account Executive
Alpha Drones USA
Office: 800-270-4987, Ext 1
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