Surveillance training is an important investment for any company or government. The utilization of surveillance drones will lower crime and help police the country in ways never done before. This technology can help create jobs and have a huge impact on the economy. We are committed to creating long term partnerships to ensure that your drone surveillance program will become one of the most secure entities in the world.

What Surveillance Drones Can Do:

  • Mass Surveillance
  • Crime Investigation
  • Search and Rescue Operation
  • Locating Stolen Goods
  • Surveying Land and Infrastructure
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Facial Recognition
  • Prison Surveillance

Overview of the Surveillance Drones Training Program

Phase 1: Training Program

  • Ground School Initial Qualification and Flight Training
  • Initial Course Completion and Ceremony
  • Recurrent Ground School and Flight Training and Ceremony

Phase 2: Consulting

  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Government Relations
  • UAS Command Center Development

Phase 3: Development of a UAS Command Center

  • Establishing a UAS Command Center
  • Establishing UAS Remote Facilities in Conjunction with UAS Command Center