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About Alpha Drones USA

Alpha Drones USA, Inc. is a New Jersey corporation based out of Morristown Municipal Airport.

The company is emerging as a domestic and international influencer in the drone industry. Providing the most diverse menu of drone services, Alpha Drones USA is emerging as a trusted drone services provider of choice.

Alpha Drones USA’s diverse fleet of precision industrial unmanned aerial systems allows the company to provide services in Cleaning, Disinfecting, Agriculture, Mapping, Real Estate, and Surveillance. With specific drones for each service, we can fully customize our equipment for any need.

We also offer aircraft rental services, pilot training, drone pilot certification, and professional development for the next generation of airline pilots.

Precision Industrial Drones

Alpha Drones USA specializes in drones that serve as a tool to enhance specific industries and uses.

Softwashing Cleaning Spray Drones

Pest Control

Agricultural Spray and Seeding Drones

Thermal Imaging

Graffiti Removal

Surveillance and Object Tracking

Mapping and Surveying

High-Definition Photography and Videography

…and much more!

8 ft wingspan
6 ft person

Cleaning & Disinfecting Spray Drones

LTD Technologies

The LTD C1 Cleaning Drone offers a safe and effective means of cleaning building exteriors. By eliminating the need for scaffolding, one drone can reach the entire area from a safe distance.

The C1 Cleaning Drone is connected by hose to a water pump system and utilizes a low-pressure cleaning method called softwashing. By using specialized biodegradable cleaning solutions, the system avoids potential damage to building surfaces, while ensuring a thorough cleaning.

C1 Cleaning Drone

C1 Cleaning Drone

Softwashing C1 Drones

Welcome to the Future of
Exterior Building Cleaning
using the C1 Cleaning Drones

Welcome to the Future of
Exterior Building Cleaning
using the C1 Cleaning Drones

Agricultural Spray Drones

DJI Agras T Series

dji agras t16

DJI Agras T16

dji agras T20

DJI Agras T20

dji agras T30

DJI Agras T30

*sizes not proportionate

The Agras T series are precision industrial spray drones that can apply pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, and many other chemicals accurately and efficiently.

The T20 and T30 are equipped with spreading capabilities can scatter seeds or feed across almost any terrain

The DJI Agras T20 is capable of carrying up to 20 liters of liquid in its tank and can spray up to 30 acres per hour. The T20 is equipped with four-channel electromagnetic flow control to adjust each nozzle’s flow rate independently.

The omnidirectional digital radar allows the drone to re-create the environment around it, allowing it to know where the obstacles are and avoid them autonomously, even with poor visibility. The drone is also equipped with a spotlight to see the ground below.

When used with data collected from the DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral, the DJI Agras T20can spray varying amounts of liquid down depending on the crop’s growth in different areas, allowing for more efficient spraying.

Agricultural Spraying & Seeding Drones

Agricultural Spraying & Seeding Drones
Agricultural Spraying & Seeding Drones
Agricultural Spraying & Seeding Drones

DJI Agras T20

  • 20L Spray Tank
  • Autonomous High-Precision Operation
  • IPX6 Rating
  • IP67 Rating for Core Modules
  • Omnidirectional Digital Radar
  • Real-Time Visual Monitoring System
  • AI Intelligent Agriculture Engine

Agricultural Spray Drone Uses:

Spraying crops and orchards
Spreading seeds and fish feed
Maintaining golf courses and other large fields
Mosquito control spraying

Why Alpha Drones USA?

business solutions
business solutions

Alpha Drones USA provides customized business solutions for our clients, working with each client to ensure the job is done within their approved operational budget.

Alpha Drones USA utilizes an integrated approach for your entire property, backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

customer satisfaction
customer satisfaction
artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence

Alpha Drones USA possesses the right equipment for each type of job, and when necessary, we can easily transition to a hybrid approach and combine traditional building cleaning methods with the artificial intelligence embedded in the drones.

Alpha Drones USA is licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our skilled pilots are fully trained with safety and professionalism in high priority.

skilled pilots
skilled pilots
reduced risk
reduced risk

Alpha Drones USA is able to reduce the risk to our clients whereas they won’t have to be concerned with employees falling off scaffolding or lifts, or being exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Summary of Services Provided by

Alpha Drones USA
  • Alpha Drones USA is able to immediately reduce your current operational costs.
  • Alpha Drones USA has the unique capability to clean exterior buildings / windows with advanced Drone Technology.
  • Alpha Drones USA Pilots are Licensed and certified by the FAA (The Federal Aviation Authority)
  • Alpha Drones USA can easily transition to a hybrid model with high rise buildings, interchangeably using Drone Technology with traditional building cleaning methods, complete the job in less time without passing on additional cost to our customers.

  • Alpha Drones USA has the ability and personnel to perform concurrent jobs in different parts of the country and the world – as one vendor servicing the business needs of our clients.

  • Alpha Drones USA has the ability to remove Graffiti from buildings.
  • Alpha Drones USA has the ability to help our customers with their sanitization services (COVID-19)
  • Alpha Drones USA has the ability to help our customers with spraying your property lawns, golf course, outdoor patio / lawn in the United States, Caribbean, Central, South America and around the world.

  • Alpha Drones USA has the ability to provide you with added layers of Security – should the need arise, for you to house a high profile individual at any of your properties.

  • Our Security TEAM is composed of Retired Military and Security Personnel with specialized training in those areas.
  • Alpha Drones USA provides our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every single job performed.

One Vendor – with integrated functionalities ready to address your business needs today!