Real Estate Drone in Photography ConnecticutWhen it comes to taking pictures of a property, there are many things that a real estate photographer must consider. One important consideration is how you will use the camera. Is the goal to capture an aerial view? Or will you need something more close-up and detailed? This is where Drones for Real Estate Photography in Connecticut will assist the real estate photographer.  A drone is:

● An excellent choice for capturing aerial shots from high up in the air
● It is easily controllable
● They survey a large area of land

How To Use Drones for Real Estate Photography Connecticut

You can fly a drone from a remote location. Doing this means that you won’t have to climb on top of an unsteady ladder or scoot out onto a dangerous ledge to capture high-up shots as the photographer.

It is also possible for multiple drones and operator(s) to fly at once, which allows the capture of more than one camera angle at the same time. At Alpha Drones we provide Real Estate Drone Photography in Connecticut and offer the best guidance to ensure you get the best results.

The Cost of Renting a Drone

The cost of a drone shoot can vary depending on what the photographer needs and how long it will take. Approximately, for simple shots, you might only need to fly for about ten minutes at $150/hour, while more complex images may require 40-minutes of flight time at an hourly rate of $300 or so. The price also includes the cost of a drone operator and the equipment needed to fly. Contact Alpha Drones USA for Real Estate Drone Photography for the best prices.

Who Shoots the Photo?

The drone operator will fly the drone, and a photographer will be on-ground taking pictures. The two roles are usually not done by one person; but, someone with experience in photography and flying drones can take care of both jobs.

A drone is a valuable tool for any photography. You can use it to capture aerial shots from high up in the air, and it also helps reduce the risk of traditional types of climbing or hanging out over precarious places. Contact Alpha Drones USA and get yourself one today!

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