Alpha Drones USA is pleased to announce its newest training program, the Alpha Drones USA Qualification and Internship Program!

The Qualification and Internship program is a four-phase vocational training program for Commercial Drone Operators:

Phase I – FAA Remote Pilot Certification Course

This course is designed to prepare the airman to take and pass the FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge Exam. Upon passing the multiple-choice exam, the license is earned upon submitting exam results to the FAA. The license will provide the commercial privilege to fly small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) legally in the United States national airspace system.

Phase II – Qualification Training

FAA Remote Pilots will choose which small unmanned aerial system (sUAS), or unmanned aerial system (UAS) from the Alpha Drones USA drone fleet. Upon selection, the Remote Pilot will receive distance learning, ground school and flight training specific to the sUAS/UAS.

Upon demonstrating equipment competency, the Remote Pilot will then learn how the specific drone applies to a specific service (agriculture, pest control, building exterior cleaning, window washing, window rinsing, anti-icing/de-icing, cinematography, real estate marketing, film & production, etc.)

Phase III – On the Job Internship Operating Experience

Qualified Remote Pilots will build onsite operating experience specific to the qualified drone and service(s).

Phase IV – Job Readiness Preparation

Qualified Remote Pilots, at the completion of the operating experience, will prepare for interview opportunities with the intent to secure any of the following:

– Full time employment

– Part time employment

– Contractor or Subcontractor

For businesses wanting to hire or contract Remote Pilots from this program, consider joining the Alpha Drones USA Business Association. For more information for businesses, inquire here.

Class Schedule Dates


Course Supplies

Included in course fees
Includes uniform and safety gear, training materials, etc.

Course Prerequisites

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General Course Calendar and Overview:

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Program Costs:

Tier 1 Package:
Includes complete training and qualification course, with 130 hours paid on-the-job operating experience internship

Tier 2 Package:
Includes complete training and qualification course, with 65 hours paid on-the-job operating experience internship

Tier 3 Package:
*Only available with express permission from Alpha administration*
Training and Qualification Course only

Funding Options:

Alpha Drones USA is a grant-funded eligible training provider in several states.
You must attend an Information session to learn more about these opportunities.

Email us at for enrollment information!