Personal Guarantors Needed

Alpha Aviation continues to be amazed by increased opportunities. We are still a growing and emerging company. We have to be careful which opportunities we select to focus on, and when selected, we must execute a carefully crafted strategy.

We see opportunity to grow our flight school capacity by more than 200% and we also see our 2023 revenue projections growing by 11 times more than our 2022 revenue projections, which we have almost already accomplished at the halfway mark of 2022.

We are intensely negotiating our joint venture partnership agreements with Eagle Aviation Flight Academy as well as D2 Flight Academy. Both schools are “out-of-town” flight schools, and therefore, are not competitors. Establishing agreements with both schools enables Alpha Aviation to become the “New York City” campus for both schools, which means expansion and growth opportunity for all entities involved.

What is the big prize here?
Eagle Aviation Flight Academy is Purdue University’s “flight training provider of choice.”
D2 Flight Academy is Liberty University’s “flight training provider of choice.”

Our partnership with both flight schools will bring accredited aviation degree and flight training courses to the Tri-state and Pennsylvania markets via Purdue University and Liberty University. Both universities FAFSA programs will bring the best financial aid packages to deserving students in our region who are “priced-out” from affording the training that will help aviators become Airline Pilots.

We see opportunity to secure $4 million in 2023 revenue simply from local flight students qualifying for federal financial aid at both Liberty and Purdue Universities.

Additionally, these joint venture partnerships will enable international aviators to enter the USA to qualify for training visas at Alpha Aviation. Military personnel will be able to use Montgomery GI bill funding to pay for their flight training experience at Alpha Aviation, Inc.

Understanding Why FAFSA is Important

Hundreds of students will now qualify for full financing of their flight training costs in this new growth market being created by Kelvin King, Founder and CEO of Alpha Aviation.

Kelvin will need immediate access to capital to complete acquisitions that increase fleet capacity and infrastructural support to efficiently service an annual revenue stream projection of $4million

Kelvin already has a finance team around him, working deals for quick investor-funded capital. Kelvin will need to stockpile a roster of trusted partners willing to join his team as personal guarantors. Personal guarantors will establish sufficient collatoral to support the growth strategies at both Alpha Aviation and Alpha Drones USA.

Personal Guarantors Needed

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    Personal Guarantors Needed