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Newsletter - Edition One


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of Alpha Aviation News. This digital newsletter is being launched to showcase our progress and the latest news from Alpha Aviation, Inc. and Alpha Drones USA, Inc.

Ultimately, the purpose of this monthly publication is to keep you informed and engaged in activities that impact the people we serve. Turn to this newsletter for updates on our fleet and educational programs, details for scheduling your discovery flight, upcoming
events, spotlight stories on students and instructors, and leadership messages.

In this edition, we recognize two executives who were named new members of the Alpha Drones USA Board of Directors; Highlight a $2.5 million grant award Alpha Aviation received to launch a new drone training program; we recognize the success of an instructor and more. Check out the social media icons below to connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

This message allows me to express my gratitude to every person. April 19, 2023, marked four years since Alpha Aviation, Inc. was founded. Your dedication to advancing Alpha’s mission is the foundation of our success. On behalf of the leadership
team, thank you!

We exist to serve you. Through this newsletter, we invite you to get to know us even better.

Kelvin King
Founder and CEO
Alpha Aviation, Inc.
Alpha Drones, USA, Inc.
Morristown, New Jersey

We welcome your ideas for topics for future newsletters! Feel free to contact us to share your thoughts.

Alpha Receives a $2.5M Grant for Drone Pilot Training

Alpha has amassed a $2.5 million grant endowment from the federal government’s Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act. Under this act, Alpha is partnering with the United States Department of Labor as well as Labor Departments in various states.

For 2023, we are committed to engaging with the following states to launch drone pilot training programs in the following states: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Plans for this program are pending government approval in each state.

When the program is launched, we anticipate enrolling nearly 630 students who qualify for workforce development-based training grants. These student grants are designed to link eligible recipients with an opportunity to build new skills. Ultimately, completion

of the Commercial Drone Qualification and Internship Program is intended to increase participants’ competitive ability to start a career in the artificial intelligence-robotics-industrial drone sector.

For more information about the drone pilot program, visit our training program page. Applications for admission into the program are being accepted now.

Two Executives Named to Board of Directors

Shareholders voted and the results were unanimous. Two executives were named to the Alpha Drones USA, Inc. Board of Directors. At the April 4th Board of Directors meeting, Amina Bey and Grady Ford were appointed on April 4th.

The Board of Directors also re-elected Kelvin King as Chairman of the Board. As a result, Chairman King will continue in this role until his term ends next year on December 31, 2024. For more information about the vast experience these leaders bring to Alpha
Drones USA, Inc., view this document.

Introducing Amina Bey: Ms. Bey has been serving as the Executive Director of Newark Emergency Services for Families, Inc. (NESF) since September 2019. NESF is a (501c3) non-profit organization in Newark, New Jersey, that provides emergency
services such as food, clothing, immediate shelter placement, rental assistance, utility assistance, and other support services for individuals and families in crisis throughout Essex County. During her tenure, Amina has expanded the food service and housing
programs and has created the annual NESF World Homeless Day event.

Introducing Grady Ford: Mr. Ford has more than 40 years of experience in the financial services and employee benefits industry. In June 2019, Mr. Ford co-founded BRM Specialty Markets, LLC, a Managing General Agency, offering Stop-Loss coverage
in 50 states across the USA. In that capacity, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer and developed new markets and opportunities for the firm. His reputation and strong relationships in the Broker Community set the company apart from other Managing General

Spotlight on Success

SkyWest Airlines has a new pilot. Wonkyu Lee, who became a Certified Flight Instructor at Alpha Aviation, was recently named First Officer at SkyWest Airlines.

From November 2021 until May 2023, Wonkyu logged in 739 flight and instruction hours during his tenure at Alpha Aviation. Wonkyu said, “By teaching students, I’ve learned lots of things such as communications, situation awareness, Federal Regulations, and knowledge of systems, more than when I was a student. My role at Alpha Aviation helped me move on to the next step, becoming a professional pilot. It was a great time with Alpha.”

Wonkyu offers these reflections and advice for flight students, “I want to stress mindset. Hope you take this job seriously because you will take responsibility for someone’s life and yours, especially if you are going to be an instructor or airline pilot. Safety is the priority.”

He emphasized, “Don’t be COMPLACENT WITH STATUS QUO. A total of 1500-hour flight hours doesn’t mean you are a professional pilot nor guaranteed to earn an airline job.” Now, while transitioning into his new position, Wonkyu said, “First Jet Engine Training at the airline is much harder than I expected.” He offers a key message, “Keep studying! Proficiency! Fly safe!”

Congratulations, Wonkyu.

The team at Alpha Aviation is proud of you and we are pleased that you earned the aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements for becoming a First Officer with an exceptional commercial airline.

Happy 4th Anniversary, Alpha Aviation!

It’s been four years since Alpha Aviation, Inc. was founded by Kelvin King and Micah Clark. April 19, 2019 was the day an entrepreneurial dream became a reality.

This year, one day after the 4th anniversary of Alpha Aviation, Kelvin King was named the Winner of the 2023 Innovation Award from Accompany Capital. For more than 20 years, Accompany Capital has provided strategic financial and capacity-building services to start-up companies and growing small businesses that are led by entrepreneurs who are immigrants or refugees.

Accompany Capital’s 11th Annual Immigrant Heritage Week Awards were held to recognize individuals who embody the entrepreneurial spirit that led to establishing businesses.

View the video Accompany Capital produced for their celebration to introduce honorees, including Kelvin whose parents were born in Guyana and Panama.

Funding from Accompany Capital made it possible for Alpha’s leadership to acquire the technology needed to build capacity for Alpha Drones USA.

Kelvin said, “I am grateful to receive this milestone award. It’s not only an acknowledgment of myself. This award belongs to Alpha’s entire team, our stakeholders, and supporters. We look forward to staying connected with Accompany Capital for many years to come.”