Airline Pilot Mentoring Program

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There is a difference between receiving “professional airline pilot mentoring” and having an acquaintanceship with airline pilots who are perceived to be mentors.

All airline pilots are happy to mentor and give the best advice they can, but a professional airline pilot mentor is more strategic and involved in the day to day professional development of an aviator which is more strategic and helpful than acquaintances who provides mentoring upon request.

What Professional Airline Pilot Mentoring Offers:

✈ Weekly flight training progress appointments (discuss progress with Student, Flight and Ground Instructor);

✈ Ensures student is receiving the customer service expected by the flight school of choice;

✈ The mentor agrees to encourage the aviator, yet, hold the aviator accountable when needed.

✈ The mentor agrees to provide tutoring and review of subject matters throughout training

✈ The mentor agrees to make recommendations and provide advice throughout the professional development of the aviator.

✈ The mentor will provide airline pilot industry updates

✈ The mentor will make suggestions on how the aviator may make the safest and most cost effective decisions concerning professional development.

✈ and more!

Why become an airline pilot?

According to, over 255,000 airline pilots are needed to keep up air travel in the next decade. Kelvin, Micah and the Alpha Aviation team believes professional airline pilot mentoring will give thousands of an increased probability of becoming an airline pilot.

The airline pilot career is among the most rewarding careers, much like having a career as a doctor or lawyer. The airline pilot career is in high-demand due to high compensation, great benefits and attractive perks. (Click this link to learn more about the airline pilot career)

Ten one-on-one sessions for $400
$50 deposit required to secure your spot before July 18, 2022

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