Distance Learning: 1.0 Hour
Practical Training: 4.0 Hours
Course Length: 1 Day

Alpha Drones USA has officially launched Real Estate services to the marketplace. We anticipate preparing the marketing needs of both residential and commercial properties for clients we intend to serve through long term contracts.
To support Alpha’s anticipated growth, Alpha’s Commercial Drone Operators and Interns will be given the highest level of knowledge and practical training in the industry.

Matterport Training

The Matterport Pro 2 3D Camera Training Course is designed to introduce Crewmembers to:

  • The capabilities of the camera
  • Procedures on operating the camera and supporting equipment
  • How to safely store the equipment
  • How to safely transport the equipment (ground and air transportation)
  • How to upload the data
  • Understanding the Matterport Capture app
  • How to make the completed project available to our clients
  • Practical application of the equipment per the company’s standard operating procedures

Upon completion of the distance learning course, four hours of practical training will be provided to the commercial drone operator. Practical training is designed to simulate real world scenarios as best as possible. Anticipate being assigned a property to commence four hours of practical training.

At the completion of the training course, the Commercial Drone Operator will receive a Course Completion Certificate as well as official commissioning to provide this service to our clients.