Alpha Live Events

Alpha Drones USA is pleased to announce the schedule for “2023 Alpha Live Events!”

Alpha Drones USA is an industry influencer and it is our goal to serve communities and business marketplaces as technology and drone pilot career ambassadors.

Alpha Live Events is defined as a scheduled appearance where our drone fleet is made available to support the success of any event.

Examples of Alpha Live Events:

– School Career Day and Air Show

– Live Drone Flight Demonstration

– Corporate Events

– Air Show

– County Fair

– Cadet competitions

– Fundraisers

– Political Events

– Sporting Events

– Religious Events

– Film and Production

– Media and Television Events

– Flyover events

– Banner carrying possibility

– Funeral

– Wedding

– Concert

– Private family event

– Public Event

– Cookout and Barbeque Events

Alpha Live Event bookings become available starting February 20, 2023 through December 31, 2023.

Alpha Live Event appearances become available daily, April 1st through December 31st 2023.

Bookings are available in the following tiers:

Full Day Booking – 8 hours – Fixed Fee

Half Day Booking – 4 hours – Fixed Fee

Multi-Day Booking – 8 hours per day for at least two days – Fixed Fee

Custom Booking – Complete the Event Booking Request Form below. Be as specific as possible. We will schedule a consultation to book your custom event.

Become an Alpha Live Events Referring Partner!

– A Referring Partner simply connects Alpha Drones USA to a company wanting to book us for supporting their event.

– Upon booking and payment to Alpha Drones, the referring partner receives a minimum 15% of revenue sharing as our expression of appreciation for supporting Alpha Live Events.

The Referring Partner must enroll by filling out the form below.

A short “qualification module” must be completed. The module will review Alpha’s policies as well as cover many frequently asked questions.

For further consideration, RSVP now for the next scheduled Referring Partner Information Session!

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