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Alpha Drones USA is thrilled to have the contracts that we have and jobs that we have scheduled this year. We are now at a point where we need to invest in growing our fleet, with better equipment, newer technology that flies longer and higher, and has the increased pressure to provide softwashing services better in flight.

As a result, Alpha Drones USA is asking you to invest in us by providing us short term and long term loans so that we can invest in better equipment and the expansion of our company. We need to hire and train the best talent in the world.

Your investment in us will enable us to become one of the top 5 drone companies in the world this decade. It starts here. It starts now.

Join our Founder & CEO, Kelvin King, and his Executive Management Team on a private upcoming call so that we can share and discuss the details of what we need, how you can help us, and your return on investment. We ask that before you agree to participate on this call, please communicate with us the amount of capital you are willing to invest. No commitment or obligation, just a preliminary pledge of what you’re willing to invest, should you determine that this is a worthwhile investment for you.

Call or text the Alpha Hotline at 1-800-270-4987 to RSVP for this important call!

Our Fleet Needs and Our Plans for Each Drone:

Proposal for RH Remington

C1 Cleaning Drone

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C1 Cleaning Drone REV-D

Invest With Alpha

Softwashing Rig

C1 Cleaning Drone

Plans to replace our C1 Cleaning Drone with two REV-D models. The Lucid C1 Cleaning Drone REV–D model is a revolutionary piece of tech that can spray any liquid such as water, cleaning solution, deicing chemicals, and more.

Our plans this year: We have existing contracts and signed LOIs for contract service in Dubai and the CONUS. Within the CONUS, we have large commercial properties scheduled for drone building exterior cleaning services as soon as these drones arrive on our property.

The C1 Cleaning Drone Softwashing Rig and Equipment Vehicle will be retrofitted to create increased levels of PSI which significantly improves the efficacy of softwashing spray applications from the cleaning drone fleet.

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PFT Firefly Drone

Parallel Flight Technologies Firefly Drone

We need to buy and own the PFT Firefly Drone so that we can apply for the FAA Part 135 Certificate. The FAA Part 135 Certificate will authorize our company to deliver commercial goods as we intend to use Firefly as a delivery drone as well as a drone that is retrofitted to combat fires, engage in search and rescue, and transport industrial goods.

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DJI Agras T20

DJI Agras Drone Series

We also would like to acquire four more Agras Agricultural Drones to provide consulting, training and services (pest control spraying, agricultural spraying) to existing and prospective clients.

Call or text the Alpha Hotline at 1-800-270-4987

to RSVP for this important call!