Alpha Drones USA and Highgate Hotels
Agree to the Largest-In-The-Nation
Robotics Contract


December 2022, Morristown NJ

Alpha Drones USA today announced a unique building exterior cleaning agreement with Highgate Hotels. Never before has a property management entity established a national cleaning contract with robotic cleaning technology – until now!

Tech firm Alpha Drones USA is emerging as a leading vocational training and service provider in the artificial intelligence and robotics industry. Under this agreement, Alpha Drones USA will dispatch its fleet of building exterior cleaning drones to clean Highgate’s windows, façade, and other building external elements of Highgate’s enormous portfolio of hotels across North America.

Highgate Hotels is the preeminent leader in its sector with more than 87,500 hotel rooms under it’s care across the US, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. Alpha Drones USA is the largest robotics workforce development and services provider in the United States with more than 6,240 revenue drone flight hours scheduled for service and vocational training in CY 2023.

“The agreement will initially begin as a pilot program. Once the pilot program meets all metrics, the agreement will expand into a multi-phase intercontinental agreement. We have completed multiple pilot programs and have demonstrated proof of concept, we are now ready to assist Highgate in separating itself further from its competitors concerning the cleanliness and external appearance of their properties” says Kelvin King, Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Drones USA, Inc.

“What keeps us as the industry leader is to evolve with the times. Implementation of cleaning robotics is smart, safe, economically wise and much less risk than the conventional practices of yesterday” says Highgate Executive (name and title of Highgate rep).

The pilot program will begin in April 2023, with ideal seasonal temperatures. Initially, five properties will be cleaned with a multi-phase plan for additional properties throughout the United States.

For those wanting to attend the cleaning events of the privately-performed pilot program, inquiries will be considered by filling out this form (hyperlink) and representatives will be in touch about the next steps.

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