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Highgate Hotels Agreement

Highgate Hotels and Morristown, NJ-based Alpha Drones USA, Inc., agreed to a massive building exterior cleaning contract with the newest exterior building cleaning technology on the market – drones!

Under this agreement, Alpha Drones USA will use its massive industrial cleaning drone fleet to clean several hundred of Highgate Hotel global properties.

This cleaning service collaboration between a major hotel property management entity and drone tech company is officially the largest agreement in the world as it relates to using drones to clean buildings.

Kelvin King, Founder and Chief Executive of Alpha Drones USA says “this is the major vision we had all along, and we thank the team at Highgate Hotels for allowing us to showoff how drones are changing the world for the better.” King goes on to say “reducing the use of scaffolds and lifts to perform services improves safety and minimizes interruption to the day to day appearance of a thriving business.”

Alpha Drones expects this new way of building exterior cleaning to be cleaned efficiently, safely and with savings in mind for Highgate hotel properties.

Giving back: Alpha Drones USA announces that 10% of the net income from this historic agreement will be donated to the newly formed Yonairis Smith Memorial Fund. Yonairis Smith was the daughter of a Highgate Hotels employee who passed away in January 2022.

How Alpha Drones is capable of cleaning at least 80 of Highgate Hotel properties year-over-year:

  • Alpha Drones USA’s leadership team is filled of commercial and military pilots, therefore, tone of industry knowledge is available to ensure the execution of this agreement is successful.
  • Alpha Aviation, Inc., is a flight school and is also the flight school division of Alpha Drones USA.
  • Alpha Aviation is able to reposition personnel and equipment from Highgate Hotel property to property on a full time basis as the company has a roster of commercial pilots who are also commercial drone operators.
  • Alpha Drones USA has a national network of stakeholders who is prepared to execute and support where needed.

We are looking forward to begin in Spring 2023!