Alpha Drones USA announces expanded partnership with County College of Morris!


Morristown, New Jersey, December 2022

Alpha Drones USA, Inc. today announced its continued partnership with County College of Morris, one of the most successful community colleges in the nation.

In partnership with CCM’s Center for Workforce Development, Alpha Drones USA will provide certification and qualification courses for the FAA Remote Pilot Licensing as well as qualification training for Alpha’s industrial precision drone fleet.

“In 2022, 100% of the students who completed our course, immediately began advanced on-the-job internship operating experience. CCM is an economic engine in New Jersey for workforce development and it ranks in the top 2% of community colleges in the nation. Therefore this partnership is a natural fit” says Kelvin King, CEO of Alpha Drones USA, Inc.

CCM and ADUSA agreed to offer its unique workforce development course throughout the entire year of 2023. All graduates are expected to receive on-the-job internship operating experience as well as additional contractual and job placement opportunities.

Here is the anticipated course schedule at CCM:

Part 1: (6 weeks) Learn about aeronautical terminology, FAA requirements and regulations, airport operations, types of drones and their usage, careers, map reading, pilot performance factors, flight restrictions, and affect of weather. Be introduced to flying drones in the 5th week of class.

Part 2: (7 weeks) Continued theory along with practical applications and flight training. Learn about emergency procedures, radio communication, drone performance, defensive handling, drone loading, drone maintenance, inspection procedures, decision making, FAA registration and marking, crew resource management, and more. Class will prepare for the FAA certification exam.

INSTRUCTORS: Kelvin King, Founder/CEO Alpha Drones USA (Commercial Airline Pilot, Certified Drone Pilot), Andrew Flor (Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, Certified Remote Pilot), Devin Keena (Private Airline Pilot, Flight Instructor, Certified Drone Pilot), Carlos Velasquez (Helicopter Pilot, Certified Drone Pilot)

Hybrid – Remote-live instruction and in-person labs

*Textbooks required. Click here for textbook information.


Early Spring

Tues and Sat, Jan 24-April 29 (No class April 8)

Hybrid – online via Zoom and in-person on the CCM campus – HPE 216

23 sessions, 13 weeks: 71.5 hrs, CEU 7.15

Weeks 1-10, Tues, 6-8:30 p.m., Sat, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Weeks 11-13, Sat only, 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.


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