Alpha Drones USA Commercial Drone Operator Qualification Courses

Alpha Drones USA is pleased to announce industry-leading training courses for its Commercial Drone Operators.
The company continues to offer the newest and most efficient technologies in its fleet, including the Agras T-16 Agricultural Drone, the Agras T-20 Agricultural Drone, and several sUAS media variances.

“The Commercial Drone Operator at Alpha Drones USA will be required to operate all of our technologies at the highest level so that we can efficiently provide our services to our partners and clients. Therefore, our qualification courses will ensure that our drone operators are operating drones at the same level of safety and reliability expected of major airline pilots.”

Kelvin King
Founder and CEO
Alpha Drones USA

“The Drone Industry does not yet have operators with thousands of flight-hour experience like we see with fixed-wing and helicopter pilots. Therefore, in this emerging sector, training supersedes every necessity to ensure safety. Our training courses implements proven training methods provided to airline and military pilots.

Our operators are well trained, well groomed, and very professional. We are excited to present our initial and recurrent qualification courses to not just our operators, but to other civilian, military, private and commercial operators out there who see value in our training philosophy.”

Carlos Velasquez
SVP of Training
Alpha Drones USA

“As Carlos mentioned, we offer our qualification courses to the entire industry, not just our guys. We are growing to partner with regulators, manufacturers, investors, and clients throughout the world. We take safety seriously and our qualification courses will continue to protect and assure safety.”

Irving Donaldson
SVP of Operations
Alpha Drones USA

Initial Qualification courses are in place for “first-time” operators receiving course completion certification dedicated to one or all of our specific technologies.

Recurrent Qualification courses provides multiple benefits to the drone operator including:

  • Industry updates on a fast paced, constantly evolving and emerging industry
  • Practical recurrent training of normal and abnormal drills and procedures
  • Review of systems, manufacturers operating manuals and company SOP
  • Differences training on a newer variance of the same technology that may not require initial qualification

At Alpha Drones USA, all personnel must satisfy initial and recurrent qualification courses, similar to the training philosophies of airline and military pilots.

Qualification Courses


  • Welcome to Alpha Drones USA
  • About Us, What we Stand For
  • Mission Statement, Courses Offered
  • Human Resources Topics
  • Serve our clients like you would your own family course
  • SOP review
  • International Operations
  • Understanding our Leasing, Consulting, and Training Program.
  • A video message from our Sales Department

Technical Qualification Courses

  • Understanding our Fleet
  • Regulations governing our technologies
  • Regulations governing our crews
  • Matterport Qualification Course
  • UAS Fleet Qualification Course
  • Real Estate Qualification Course
  • Drone Cinematic Training Maneuvers, why they matter
  • T16 Qualification Course; T20 Differences
  • T30 Qualification Course (coming 2022)
  • Crew Safety and Poisonous Chemicals
  • Applicator License Qualification Course
Drone Qualification Course
Drone Qualification Course