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DJI Agras T20

We are proud to present for the first time in North America the all new, powerful and precise, DJI AgrasT20 Drone. This state of the art commercial drone will save you time and money with safe and effective application of your desired product. The T20 is equipped with a 20 liter tank capable of applying any liquid or granular product at a rate of 30 acres per hour. The T20 is equipped with a unique swarm feature which allows up to five T20 aircraft to operate simultaneously. This allows us to cover up to 150 acres per hour!

Our 4 channel electromagnetic flow meters control all application rates highly and effectively. The T20 will use it’s omnidirectional digital radar and artificial intelligence to navigate and operate flawlessly indoors or out.

We provide services for agriculture, viticulture, and commercial sanitization. We are currently the largest operator of the Agras T20 in North America with 50 aircraft in our fleet. Allow us the opportunity of providing your operation with one or more aircraft to fit any of your needs. Call or email today for pricing.

Agricultural Services: Application of all fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides. Along with aerial seeding of any crops and cover crops. Will also apply any organic amendments in OMRI Certified Farms.

Golf Courses: Application of all fertilizers and herbicides necessary for healthy turf and lawn growth. Aerial seeding also available for reseeding of fairways and greens.

Sanitization: Application of all sanitizing FDA Approved agents necessary in the disinfection of any facility indoors or outdoors.

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