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C1 Cleaning Drone

Alpha Drones USA is proud to partner with Lucid Drone Technologies, and offer softwashing services through their C1 Cleaning Drone.

Designed with cleaning in mind, the C1 Cleaning Drone uses a low pressure stream of water mixed with biodegradable chemicals to clean buildings, windows, and other areas. The drone flies 8-12 feet away from the surface, and can reach up to 110 feet high.

The C1 cleaning drone uses an HD camera to capture photos and video while cleaning, to ensure every surface is reached.

Potential Uses of the C1 Cleaning Drone include:

  • Softwashing Exterior Surfaces
  • Window Washing
  • De-icing
  • Graffiti removal

Benefits of Softwashing with a Drone:

• Eliminate ladders, lifts and scaffolds
• Increase safety
• Complete jobs faster
• Save money on workers compensation
• Lower costs, increase yield
• Our average time to set up is less than five minutes, lowering the amount of time it takes to complete each job

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