Alpha Drones USA, Inc. announces new joint-venture partnership with
Rolling Suds Power Washing Professionals

Alpha Drones USA, Inc. is proud to announce a new joint-venture partnership with Rolling Suds Power Washing Professionals, of Warrington, Pennsylvania. As a result of this partnership that was formed in February 2024, Alpha Drones USA (ADUSA) will provide commercial drone services to Rolling Suds franchisees nationwide.

Alpha & Rolling Suds Partnership

The Rolling Suds Difference

Alpha & Rolling Suds Partnership

Rolling Suds Power Washing Professionals bring more than 30 years of experience providing a soft washing technique for more than 200k customers. Rolling Suds, a nationally recognized residential and commercial mobile power washing company, is the only power washing company worldwide that uses a proprietary cleaning process called, “The Professional Wash Method.”

The Rolling Suds Power Pro team has state-of-the-art power washing equipment that produces more than 4,000 PSI and over 20 GPM of hot and cold water. In addition to cleaning three to four story buildings from the ground, their proven process increases efficiency and allows jobs to be completed two to three times faster than competitors.

Our Partnership

Through this agreement, ADUSA will provide Rolling Suds franchise owners with access to book cleaning drones for assignments nationwide throughout the year.

Each franchise owner will have access to up to six drones per job. Each drone will have its own dedicated Remote Drone Pilot in Command and a Visual Observer.

Together, we will work with a wide range of commercial properties including, but not limited to:

  • Office buildings

  • Apartment complexes

  • Shopping centersas ac

  • Schools/Universities

  • Hospitals and Medical Buildings and

  • Senior living communities

Alpha & Rolling Suds Partnership

From L to R: Meet the leadership team from Rolling Suds: Brian Wendling Jr., Vice President; Aaron Harper, CEO; Brian Wendling Sr., President.

What makes Alpha Drones USA a unique partner

Alpha & Rolling Suds Partnership

Rolling Suds’ map of franchise locations nationwide

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a unique governance relationship with Alpha Drones USA per 14CFR Part 137 federal law. We are governed and specially authorized for missions under FAA regulations 14 CFR 1, 61, 91, 107, 137, 141.

Here is an essential benefit to our Rolling Suds franchise partners. Franchise owners now have a drone company that will absorb all insurance risk where our joint assignments are conducted.

Here’s what an Industrial Cleaning Drone can do:

Industrial cleaning drones have the capability to handle complex cleaning jobs while improving the efficiency of exterior cleaning jobs using façade soft washing (up to 1,000 PSI). In fact, these cleaning drones can reach heights of up to 12 story buildings. The Cleaning Drone Fleet will provide complex and premium service including:

  • Solar panels

  • Water towers

  • Residential cleanings

  • Commercial properties

  • Graffiti removal services effective April 1, 2024.

  • Highway washing (salt removal, snowplow melting)

  • Window foam cleaning, washing, and rinsing

  • High altitude, soft wash drone cleanings for properties up to 12 stories