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Alpha Newsletter - December Updates

Happy holidays, everyone.

To all of our esteemed alumni, students, staff, vendor partners, Board Members and Shareholders, I thank you for your dedication to the success of Alpha Aviation and Alpha Drones USA. Your ongoing contributions and commitment continue to shape the future of our organization.

While reflecting on the growth we experienced this year, I am confident about our future. In fact, next year we will be launching programs, announcing new partnerships, and expanding our drone training program into new markets. We look forward to sharing more details in upcoming editions.

As we approach the dawn of a new year, we wish you joy, fulfillment, and continued success. May the new year bring you and your family prosperity, good health, and new opportunities.

Happy New Year!


Kelvin King
Founder and CEO
Alpha Aviation, Inc.
Alpha Drones, USA, Inc.
Morristown, New Jersey

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The City of Newark Launches a Drone Pilot Training Program in January

Thanks to the leadership of The Honorable Ras J. Baraka, the mayor of the City of Newark, a drone pilot training program will launch in January.

The Newark Workforce Development Board launched a Drone Pilot Training Program for 10 Newark residents. As a result, instructors from Alpha Drones USA, Inc. will have the privilege of facilitating each training session that will help the students earn their Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Remote Drone Pilot license.

The Alpha Drones USA team is honored to be part of the launch of this inaugural program. We thank Mayor Baraka, the Newark Workforce Development Board, Newark WORKS, and the Newark Youth One Stop Career Center. Learn more by completing this form.

Alpha Newsletter - December Updates

Spotlight on Manpower Planning – Meet Tiffany Boney

Alpha Newsletter - December Updates

Manpower Planning at Alpha Drones USA (ADUSA) is all about efficient and effective operational performance. Under the direction of ADUSA Founder and CEO Kelvin King, Manpower Planning will be led by Tiffany Boney.

“This role is crucial for operations of Alpha Drones USA. Manpower Planning will allow Alpha Drones USA operations to run optimally providing workforce development opportunities and drone services for commercial sectors across multiple ecosystems. As Alpha Drones USA continues to grow in the years to come, efficient systems are critical in operating a fully functional drone business,” said King.

In addition to being one of Alpha’s Commercial Drone Pilot Instructor’s, Boney is a former Science Educator in New York City school system. Boney is also a graduate of ADUSA’s drone training program.

According to Boney, “As an educator for more than 14 years, I have honed my ability to present information in easily digestible parts. I can take complex concepts and present the information in a way that allows the student to feel comfortable while learning.

The FAA Part 107 exam can be challenging to individuals who have no experience in aviation. As a Part 107 Instructor, I aim to simplify the concepts for learners. My instruction is a starting point for learners to graduate successfully and launch a career path in aviation.

These are the goals of Boney’s new role:

  • Implementing systems that track the use of equipment owned by ADUSA.
  • Manages equipment clearance procedures before use for all commercial jobs and Phases 2 and 3 of Qualification and Internship Program (QIP).
  • Tracking availability of equipment for use for jobs within the commercial sector across all ecosystems (national and international markets)
  • Tracking availability of equipment for training within ADUSA QIP.
  • Keeping a log of equipment that is in optimal condition and equipment that is being repaired.
  • Coordinates the schedules of Ground and Flight Instructors across each ecosystem.
  • Mapping out all phases of QIP for each cohort within various ecosystems.
  • Scheduling the dates and locations for scheduled sessions for all phases of QIP.
  • Managing the selection process of instructors for ground and flight instruction.
  • Ensures effective communication between all departments within ADUSA.
  • Communicates changes in schedules.
  • Coordinates fleet managers on duty for commercial operations.
  • Communicates scheduling of Fleet Managers for Evaluations for QIP Phases 2 & 3 of ADUSA QIP.
  • Communicates any changes that will affect operations for commercial business or training.

“We are fortunate to have Tiffany in this new role. Tiffany’s trajectory at ADUSA is an example of how our Workforce Development initiative opens doors to new job opportunities for our graduates,” said King.

Alpha Joins the Morristown Chamber of Commerce

As part of our growth strategy, Alpha Aviation and Alpha Drones USA recently joined The Morristown Chamber. As a new member of the Chamber, we look forward to raising awareness of our services within Morris County’s business sector.

The Chamber’s goal is to provide a space where businesses can easily find information on local services. The Chamber promotes businesses in the area and fosters a sense of community. You can anticipate additional updates in the new year.

Alpha Newsletter - December Updates

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

The Paint Night Holiday Party Fundraiser was a blast! We thank everyone who joined the celebration. We raised $168 for the Sandra Blake Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

A special thanks to our very own Chief Administrative Officer, Caryn DiBrico, who led the painting session and gave participants tips on creating their drone paintings. This intergenerational celebration also included plenty of refreshments.

Several partygoers accepted the challenge of sitting in the pilot’s seat and taking flight on an airplane simulator. With guidance from Kelvin King, each person who dared, started the engine and learned a few fundamentals of taking off, flying, and landing the aircraft.

Here are a few pictures from the festivities: