About Our Aircraft Rentals

At Alpha Aviation, we offer aircraft rentals for individuals who meet certain requirements. Our rental program is designed for those who hold a private pilot license or a higher level of pilot certification. Our well-maintained fleet of aircraft is available for rent, providing you with the opportunity to fly and explore the skies.

A Flight Review may be required per CFI recommendation before rental is allowed.

Rental Requirements


Private Pilot License or Greater: You must hold a valid private pilot license or a higher level of pilot certification. This ensures that you have the necessary training and experience to safely operate an aircraft.


Checkout Flight with an Alpha Aviation CFI: Before renting an aircraft, you are required to complete a checkout flight with one of our Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs). The purpose of the checkout flight is to familiarize you with our aircraft and ensure that you are proficient in handling them. In special cases, the checkout may be waived with the approval of Alpha Aviation ownership.


Certificate of Insurance: You must provide a certificate of insurance that meets our requirements before renting an aircraft. This is to ensure that you have adequate coverage in case of any unforeseen events or accidents during your rental period.

Checkout Process

The checkout process with our CFIs includes the following components:

  • Minimum Three Safe Landings: During the checkout flight, you will be required to demonstrate a minimum of three safe landings. This is to ensure that you have the necessary skills to safely land the aircraft and handle different landing scenarios.
  • Airwork: You will also be evaluated on your ability to perform various air work maneuvers, such as climbs, descents, turns, and stalls. This is to ensure that you can safely maneuver the aircraft in different flight conditions.
  • Logbook Review: Our CFIs will review your logbook to ensure that you have met the necessary flight experience requirements for renting our aircraft. This includes verifying your total flight time, night flight experience, and any other relevant endorsements.

Once you have successfully completed the checkout flight and met all the requirements, you will be approved for aircraft rentals at Alpha Aviation. Our rental program provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of flying and explore the skies with our well-maintained aircraft while ensuring safety and compliance with aviation regulations.

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