Agriculture Drone Services in ConnecticutAfter successful operations in residential and commercial real estate and quality drone flight courses, we can now offer unrivaled agriculture drone services in Connecticut, USA. Our professional drone service provides unmatched quality. And we can take care of any red tape and local legislation that you may not be aware of.
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Drones for Agriculture

In addition to our excellent security and photography/videography drone services, we are pleased to offer agriculture drone services in Connecticut. Our highly skilled pilots can fly 5 drones at the same time. This allows them to spray 123.5 acres per hour effectively. The primary agriculture drone that we operate is the DJI T16. This top-range drone can spray organic materials, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer.
The outstanding flight performance of this model has numerous benefits. Angle detection technology also makes the T16 suitable for all kinds of terrain such as mountains, orchards, and flat ground alike. Because of the high accuracy of the DJI T16, there is far less wastage when compared to traditional crop-dusting, a saving that is passed on to you. In addition, drone operators are less expensive than aircraft pilots, and they can finish the job in a fraction of the time.

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We are always here to help. Drone services are becoming more common as the technology is now superior to traditional crop-dusting. This means quicker, safer, and cheaper operations where the saving is passed to you.

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