When searching for professional Agriculture Drone Services New York, consider Alpha Drones USA. We are a professional drone service that is licensed and insured and can help with your agricultural needs. Our Agricultural Drone Services New York include but are not limited to spraying 24.7 acres an hour.

If you are looking to spray pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer and organic products, our drones are equipped to do just that. We have tanks that carry the product, and our drones offer less runoff than planes and we are much more affordable and safer. Why hire a pilot and plane when Alpha Drones can offer you quiet and safe spraying?

Agriculture Drone Services is just one way in which Alpha Drones USA can help service your needs. If you are searching for way in which to photograph your property, orchard, farmland or building with aerial views, we have superb camera availability.

You can rent drones, but the advantage of using Alpha Drones USA is that we are licensed, have FAA Waiver, LAANC clearance for controlled airspace, we have all local government permits and drone zone approvals. Drones are not toys, and airspace is not to be infiltrated without the proper permits. Alpha Drones USA also carries aviation insurance and offers neighborhood privacy waivers and so much more.

If you would like to learn more about Alpha Drones USA, the services we offer and photos of some of the units we fly, you may visit us by simply clicking on the attached link: https://alphadronesusa.com/.

If you have been searching for a way to photograph your acreage and out-buildings for insurance or real estate values, our Agriculture Drone Services New York may be just what you have been searching for.

Using drones have become and new and exciting opportunity to safely deposit pesticides onto your property without the overspray that a plane would spread. It is quiet, neighbors won’t even know, and we are much more affordable. Plus, we offer a multi-year fixed price availability.

We remove all the red tape, take on the liability and provide professional services.

Please call our office at 800-270-4987 to inquire about using our drone services for your agricultural needs. We offer services on the east coast with services in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Il and Atlanta, Ga.

When searching for the best and most professional licensed Agriculture Drone Services New York, consider Alpha Drones USA. We have the experience and expertise you can trust. Our operators and spotters have the combined experience that no other company can offer. Be a part of the generation that is receptive to new ideas especially when they are beneficial and protective of the environment. Alpha Drones USA can help protect your agricultural business with the use of drones. We are making the future come to reality now. If you have ever considered new properties for business ventures, we can do photography of the entire site as well.

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