Agriculture Drone Services in IllinoisThe drone industry for Agriculture Drone Services in Illinois has changed it for the better.

▪ Drone services in Illinois
▪ Types of drones
▪ Benefits of agriculture drone services

Today, they can use drone technology for pest control and other farm services! Quite an improvement and the efficiency is testament to their benefits.

Drone Services in Illinois

Agriculture drone services in Illinois are beneficial for farmers because they can survey their land and identify issues with the crops. Through aerial footage, drones allow them to see things that you can’t see on a ground-level view.

Agriculture drone services also allow farmers to check their crops’ progress compared to those planted nearby from other farms. Drones take a snapshot or video of their property and compare that against how things are going in related fields.

Types of Drones

The types of drones used in agriculture include crop scouts, weed harvesters, and pest controllers.
Crop scouts are the most common type of drone because they can detect pests that have infested or attacked a field’s crops.
Weed harvesters, on the other hand, are used in fields where there’s a need for regular line trimming or weed control. These drones will cut down weeds and target specific plants without harming others nearby.

Benefits of Agriculture Drone Services

✔ Saves money on labor costs as they cut short the amount of time used in trimming weeds or surveying fields
✔ Promotes sustainable practices since they can return and recharge themselves when they’re low on battery, which reduces the need for pesticide
✔ Increases crop yield by up to 15% as farmers can minimize losses from infestations or plant damage


Agriculture drone services are revolutionizing the agricultural industry. They allow farmers to survey their land, identify issues with crops and act before it’s too late. If you are a farmer, you should embrace this technology.  Contact Alpha Drones USA today to learn more about agriculture drone services in Illinois.

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