Agras T16 and Agras T20 Initial Qualification Training Course

Alpha Drones USA, Inc., is pleased to offer the most comprehensive training course for Agras T16 and Agras T20 Agricultural Spray Drone Remote Operators in the world.

The Agras T16/T20 Initial Qualification Training Course will meet the training requirements for operators and visual observers (spotters) under 14 CFR Part 137.

This course provided by Alpha Drones USA will exceed the requirements for all Spray Drone Crewmembers, which consists of the Remote PIC (Pilot in Command) as well as the Visual Observer.

The 5-Day training course will offer 16 cumulative hours of Agras T16/Agras T20 Ground School and 5 Hours of Flight Training. This FAA-approved Training Course is available to Drone Operators in need of initial training. Additional courses, such as Recurrent Training and Differences Training (we expect to order Agras T30 Agricultural Drones when it is officially announced by DJI and available in North America) are available at Alpha Drones USA.

Whether operating spray drones privately or commercially, the knowledge and skills obtained from this course will benefit drone operators and increase safety.

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Course Syllabus

Day 1

  • Travel to Alpha Drones USA Training Center
  • Check-In Process
  • Meet and Greet
  • Onboarding with Alpha Drones USA, Small lunch provided

Day 2

  • Ground School

Day 3

  • Ground School
  • Course Knowledge Test
  • Simulation Lab

Day 4

  • Flight Training (5.0 Hours)

Day 5

  • Skills Test (Checkride)
  • Earn Course Completion Certificate
  • Travel home from Alpha Drones USA Training Center

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