Working with a droneAlpha Drones USA is a New Jersey corporation based out of Morristown Municipal Airport.

The company is emerging as a domestic and international influencer in the drone industry.  Providing the most diverse menu of drone services, Alpha Drones USA is emerging as a trusted drone services provider of choice.

Alpha Drone USA’s diverse fleet of precision industrial unmanned aerial systems allows the company to provide services in Agriculture, Mapping, Real Estate, Sanitization, Surveillance, Softwashing, and Disinfecting services for venues large enough for mass gatherings.

In conjunction with Alpha Aviation, Inc., aircraft rental services, pilot training, drone pilot certification and professional development is provided to the next generation of airline pilots.

about alpha drones

Why Alpha Drones USA?

about alpha drone in fieldFor sUAS drones, you need a:

  • FAA Part 107 Remote License
  • FAA Waiver
  • Dedicated hours to professional editing
  • Time-consuming coordination with clients to prepare their property for showcase filming
  • LAANC clearance for controlled airspace
  • Local government permits and drone zone approvals
  • Expensive Aviation Insurance
  • Neighborhood Privacy Waivers and more…

Why put yourself through that kind of headache?

Let us remove all the red tape, assume the operational liability, and provide excellent professional services all for an extremely affordable multi-year fixed price!

Drone Courses Are Now Open!