Announcing the WIOA Grant Funding Program

Alpha has amassed a $2.5 million grant endowment program provided by the federal government’s Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act. Under this act, Alpha is partnering with the United States Department of Labor as well as state-based Labor Departments.

For 2023, we are committed to focusing on the following states: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

We anticipate 627 students in these states qualifying for workforce development-based training grants. These grants are designed to help eligible recipients build new skills that will increase their competitive ability to land a career in the artificial intelligence-robotics-industrial drone sector.

Our new program, the Commercial Drone Qualification and Internship Program is the program that will help students meet the objectives of the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act.

About the Program

How You Can Become a Commercial Drone Pilot

Launch your Commercial Drone Pilot career with Alpha Aviation, Inc. dba Alpha Drones USA, Inc. (ADUSA), an internationally recognized company that is owned and operated by commercial airline pilots. Our company is headquartered in New Jersey at Morristown Municipal Airport.

Our fleet of industrial drones weighs approximately 92.9 pounds and they provide a range of spraying services for Agriculture; Landscaping; Pest Control; Building Exterior Drone Cleaning; Soft Washing; Power Washing; Window Washing; and Window Rinsing.

Alpha Aviation, Inc. is accepting applications for enrollment in a Commercial Drone Qualification and Internship Program. Participants, who complete the course, earn a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Commercial Drone Operator Certification called the FAA Part 107 Certification.

This program is made possible through a collaboration with your local One-Stop Career Center and generous support from the New Jersey Department of Labor’s Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) Training Grant.

Commercial Drone Qualification and Internship Program (QIP)

Our instructors will facilitate classes in Essex County at the East Orange Public Library. If preferred, participants will have an option of solely taking the course online. The Qualification and Internship (QIP) Program, gives participants hands-on training with industrial spraying drones under the supervision of trained and licensed instructors.

Your Pathway to Launching Your Drone Operator Career

Are you ready for your first assignment? Once you complete the program, you will be eligible for part-time, full-time, seasonal, and contractual assignments as a Remote Pilot In Command through the Alpha Aviation, Inc. job placement program.

Apply for training today! A limited number of participants will be accepted. Click the button to start the process.